How to Start a Jingle

Martin Backhausen

March 30, 2023

Jingles are a fun and effective way to advertise your business. They can also help create a unique brand voice and tone. To start a jingle, you must first create a core message and research your audience. This will help you determine a style that will appeal to them. Next, you can choose a tune and write lyrics that will be able to connect with your listeners.

Create a Core Message

Your core message is the fundamental tool you use to communicate with a prospective customer. It should encapsulate your company values, mission statement, target audience profile, and unique selling proposition in a few concise sentences.

A clear core message will enable your audience to get it, remember it, and take action. It also helps ensure your content is consistent and easy to understand across all marketing channels.

Start by developing a list of key messages you want to communicate in your jingle. This should be based on your target audience and the advertising style you intend to use for your jingle.

Research Your Audience

Before you can start writing your jingle, you need to know to whom it will appeal. This is called audience research, and it’s one of the first steps in creating any piece of content for your brand.

Audience research is essential for a brand’s success because it allows you to gain insights into your customers and their wants. This helps inform your business’s marketing, pricing, customer service, and product development strategies.

You can use secondary research, such as market audience analysis reports, or observe how people interact with your product in person or online. These methods can provide great insights into your target audience, but it is essential to have a clear goal at the start of the research process.

Create a Rhyme or Wordplay

Wordplay is a popular form of rhyme that can be used to create humor. You can also use it to make your jingle more memorable and catchy by adding a few lines of wordplay throughout the lyrics.

Rhyming is a popular way to write poetry and children’s literature. It involves matching and repeating words with similar sounds, usually done in a particular pattern.

Another popular form of wordplay is puns. They rely on homophones, two words that sound the same but have different meanings. They’re often witty, but they can also be lousy.

Choose a Tune

Whether you’re writing your own or using a popular tune from the past, the song selection process is essential. You’ll want to choose something that feels evocative and supports your message without distracting from it.

The best way to start is by paying attention to other commercials you’ve heard on the radio or watched on television. This will give you an idea of what type of music is catching the attention of your target audience.

The most effective jingles are short, sweet, and catchy. They also use the latest audio technology to communicate their messages quickly and effectively.

Record It

Jingles are short music pieces used in advertising and marketing to attract audiences. They are usually recorded in a recording studio using professional equipment and techniques to capture high-quality audio recordings.

Recording a jingle involves several stages, including the setup of the recording equipment, the recording of the music and vocals, and the mixing and mastering of the final recording. The recording engineer must work closely with the composer, musicians, and vocalists to ensure that all aspects of the recording are balanced and polished.

The recording is a time-consuming and complex task that can take several hours to complete. Often, it requires a team of skilled musicians and vocalists. It is vital to choose musicians who fit the style and tone of the jingle and to find experienced jingle singers who can match the vocal qualities of the song.